Your life can help others

Not everything you do is for you. Over the years I’ve realised this and it’s a positive thing that stretches you to help others. In one of this year’s revelations I wanted to ensure my life meant that I helped wherever I can. That’s what I want, just to help.
Everything you go through isn’t for you. These are simple things we know until you do it and realise how important it is to grasp that your life isn’t always for you. For example: I met a young woman that works 7 days a week, I was so inspired I now work 6 days a week which meant more money and practice at my job. Another easier example, I’ve travelled and worked officially since 2012 and now I see friends doing the same thing. I don’t claim to be a role model or the sole purpose they have done so but I recognise that by me challenging myself there has allowed them to get used to the idea and potentially do it. Not every time I’ve gone it’s been great but at least I’ve gone and done it at that age when typically my age wouldn’t consider it!
With relationships you see it all the time, how did you get over your relationship? The person that’s been through can then advise and help the next get over the relationship.
I say we should all be good, serve, love and take up wise opportunities be it in: travel, business ventures, coming out of your single boat, supporting local coffee stores, becoming a vegan (hi guys) and whatever little challenges and opportunities come your way that lead to lessons and growing experiences.

Let’s be more and throw ourselves out there, just don’t dive out of your single boat too crazy. Matters of the heart are different.

Have a powerful Monday and a grand first full week back in September!


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