Seek peace

Seek peace and pursue it (Psalms) I want peace in every area of my life. I had an RnB start to my Saturday 2 weeks ago which began after 11am, that was so much fun! Then frustration to do with the future built up, there’s a scripture on not worrying about tomorrow because birds don’t store … More Seek peace

Man’s mess

She said the mess up was the best part of them The mess up led to messier and complicated things. Who can blame her when she’s used to half half? Who can say her love for his bad was wrong? As the friend, stay with your mess till it hurts Ride the complication as your … More Man’s mess

Language love

This meme by JNP cracks me up, just wanted to show yall the sweetness that flies through my WhatsApp. The food in the top right was great, I love some Spanish spare ribs 😍 Back to the title and flow of this… You remember that time you said I love you in another language, thinking … More Language love

Not fat really

Woke up to get ready for potentially working for the agency today. Did the shower thing then saw a missed call. Doesn’t look like I’m with them today but I stopped and paused in the mirror with the rain overcast light coming through the window. I am not fat! Creamed my skin looking at my … More Not fat really