Language love


This meme by JNP cracks me up, just wanted to show yall the sweetness that flies through my WhatsApp. The food in the top right was great, I love some Spanish spare ribs 😍

Back to the title and flow of this…

You remember that time you said I love you in another language, thinking I wouldn’t understand?

I don’t like a lot of languages but love languages I pick up on. I’m grateful for your love, hugs and more in English (or anything else) with words, deeds and actions. It’s after midnight but I’m grateful for love shown to me by friends, family and dear ones. I love Spanish, I love talking to Spanish people and I love hearing them when I walk down the street! Languages are brilliant, rich and full of cultural content. I love English and it’s difficulty; talk to me in something sweet and I’m all yours 😉

Have a great week. Feel the love, give the love and speak in your twang xx


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