Seek peace

Seek peace and pursue it (Psalms)

Peace and stuff.

I want peace in every area of my life. I had an RnB start to my Saturday 2 weeks ago which began after 11am, that was so much fun! Then frustration to do with the future built up, there’s a scripture on not worrying about tomorrow because birds don’t store for the winter yet God provides for them (Matthew 6:26). I don’t worry much really, I just want peace about everything. Maybe that’s too high of an aim. Peace? People can just about get peace about waking up AND leaving their house for work. But I found peace years ago and it was incredible and since then the scripture has stuck with me.

About 2 weeks ago in the worst place I’ve been in little old Brum, I had an incredible conversation with a woman in pursuit of being a qualified chaplain. She saw in me, what I’ve wanted people to see in me: peace. She said that I seem comfortable and at peace and know what I want at this age. It’s true and not many people can say that at 23, or maybe just not those in my circle. She said I should make time to write and share with others. I only listened to her because we talked about things that connected us: Christianity, faith, teaching, Audi/German, travel, writing, poetry, love and family. I only believe in her because at the time, I needed to know specific things about what I was doing. I share this because, there’s a time and a place for everything and knowing when and what to listen to is important for your direction.

Since having that conversation and literally being awakened, I’ve struggled with peace in areas it was fine and found peace in areas where it lacked. It’s funny that the devil believes in us so much that he comes for us in our weakest and he knows where to hit us, yet we don’t believe in our strengths and God’s back to cover and build on our weaknesses. Besides my Christian talk, we talked about peace and I’ve thought about it more. I want peace in my heart, I want it to shine through me (no weird shit), I want peace in my (future) relationship, I want peace in my family, I want peace in my friendships, I want peace at work, I want peace about my future.

I checked it out in Hebrew and it has a feel of completeness, wholeness, assurance and more. When reading it; it felt like a happy sparkly vision of what a calm and serene life is. It’s hard to describe but made me strive after it even more!

Now the first part of the scripture says to turn from evil and do good, semi-colon (acts as a ‘then’ and similarly) seek peace and purse it. When you’re peace is off and faffing about, turn from evil and do good. Stop going after things you probably shouldn’t be going after and meddling with. Simply said: 1) don’t do drugs to get around or manage things and think everything is better when it’s not, 2) stop running after short term pleasures that have nothing to do with long term gains, 3) the little bad shit you do in one area (e.g. gossip or bullying at work/school/college) can cause ruptures in the rosy gardens of your life. Remember  the term karma? Well, it is real (do unto others as you would have them do unto you): when you mess with one thing, it can come back around and in unexpected ways.

That’s it for my peace talk. It’s probably the most important thing to me right now than anything. xx


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