Does it pay your bills?


I had a conversation with a superstar in the making about how he was going to do a Diss track for a girl. First thing I asked, is she known? “No”. How does this affect your bills? “It doesn’t”. So if it didn’t affect your money then leave it. “True”.

I try not to get angry with people. If it doesn’t affect my money primarily, with health (physically and mentally) and spirit/soul being secondary, then why am I giving it energy? Why am I wasting time dealing with you when you have little power to hinder my money and potentially success. As money gives an indication of success.

So if you’re coworker is rude, ignore as she doesn’t affect your money. If her words then affects your bosses dealings with you then you address it as she’s messing with your finances which in turn could leave you homeless and hungry. We don’t need that! I use a female in this example because we’re likely to be vindictive and use words against people.

Be smart with your energy and how you get back at people. I don’t even bother, leave it to God. But play with my money directly and then we have a problem. Kapeesh??

😊 xx


4 thoughts on “Does it pay your bills?

      1. If you want to fight for it go ahead (I would if I knew they’re eliminating me because of something different going on in their life). Worth it if there’s love there. If not & ur the only 1 fighting for it maybe it’s time for the rd to end.

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