Moving again

Moving for the third time in one’s life should be getting easier, now shouldn’t it? But no! Certain countries are just stress and visas and documents and tight schedules and work then getting there to said interviews. I have been waiting for what seems like ever to start the fastest leave I will ever undertake … More Moving again

Secrets we tell

Everyone has secrets. We all have this to keep a lid on. Most unknowingy slyly show people what they’re hiding. We often don’t believe it so overlook or don’t pay attention and overlook. But everyone has secrets and secret battles that they’ve been dealing with for years. As 2015 ends begin to listen intently to … More Secrets we tell

Flaws n all

I’ve settled on this current fact, I’m a faulty flawed Christian. All believers technically are, I’ll just admit for me. I love sin, I love engaging in risky things and honestly find dwelling in the flesh to be fun as i’m a physical being first before a spiritual being (spiritual people in any respect will understand … More Flaws n all

10 days of fun

In 10 days of fun from my graduation to celebrating a birthday in Manchester to going to Portugal for a holiday. I’ve learnt about me: 1- pride. I may or may not be proud about what I do as typically you should be proud of your achievements, but I’m proud of who I’ve become because … More 10 days of fun

I hope

I hope you live to see, I hope the pain you caused supercedes all, I hope to gain back all I had that was lost, I hope, because of you. -K