10 days of fun

In 10 days of fun from my graduation to celebrating a birthday in Manchester to going to Portugal for a holiday.
I’ve learnt about me:

1- pride. I may or may not be proud about what I do as typically you should be proud of your achievements, but I’m proud of who I’ve become because of the challenges within the achievements  (e.g. stronger because of my degree).

2- people questioning everything I do. I take it personally when anyone questions me as it’s to say, can you even do what you say you can? Yes I can else I wouldn’t say, suggest or go do it. I don’t bring about a boastful spirit about things I can do when I can’t.  I’m not that person. So when questioned it’s  infuriating.
3- food. New restaurants have been a pain in my tight braids. The last 6 I’ve been to have been bad and I end up complaining. So I’ve decided to go to my old faithfuls and not try brand new places. It’s a waste of time and I can’t deal with being angry when trying to get a well cooked meal.
4- alone time. I was home alone for a week, I’ve started to really like my space. I’ve always said I wanted it yet others have been unsure asking if I can manage total silence. I feel that I can. 1 week was a nice test to the future 1 year I want to try. Your own space brings so many things, let’s you figure you out and I’m very much in support of getting to know the real us/me/you.
5- self doubt. On 1 day I had 3 people tell me how great I am, will be and the greatness I should have in my life (people, things, etc). I couldn’t manage it and I cried. The future they see is bigger than I saw, the people they expect around me is what I’ve wanted but not seen manifested. It’s good though, it shows my fears and what I need to start to want and speak into the universe.
6- words. At 23 I’ve never been so good at holding my tongue, letting things slide over me and just being respectful  (to avoid unnecessary drama). The last 2 weeks, situations have occurred and I walk away so Godly proud of myself. It’s a blessing to be at this stage, I’m almost ready to be the adult in the room.


And that’s that yo! A few things I’ve come to learn since graduating and travelling a bit more. I’ve travelled once to work, once for a course and twice for a holiday. I’d love to squeeze in another and go home! 😊 xx

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