Flaws n all

Po up Draaank!

I’ve settled on this current fact, I’m a faulty flawed Christian. All believers technically are, I’ll just admit for me.

I love sin, I love engaging in risky things and honestly find dwelling in the flesh to be fun as i’m a physical being first before a spiritual being (spiritual people in any respect will understand this).

I make mistakes that have become daily bad decisions in sins that have no lesser or higher value as all sin is sin (just that the internal ones weigh differently in the restoration of ‘you’ process).

I secretly have come back round to loving to swear. That’s child’s play to some people, for me it’s something I’m not expected to do. It’s evident on my sites that I like a few expletives 🙈. I drink, pssh I should drink more but alcoholism is not my portion. I have some addictions including those that probably put me at risk of gaining weight (I should try to find the cause of my gluttony). I am luke warm 4 days out of 7 and hot for Christ about 5 hours of the week. I admit where I’m wrong and can write this and see it as my truth.

I see people make mistakes and let them because I know how fun they can be. While reading this, it’s ok to judge me and if you know how to help, or help others than do so if you can. Why judge and share your 2 pence if you’re not giving the 2 pence and purchasing the ticket and helping out?

I personally have wanted to stop writing because I’m back and forth on writing about relationships V evolving onto motivational topics as I have those conversations more often yet relationships in every sense (friends, family, hateful, romantic, sexual, soul mate, work mates & so on) are very interesting to me. This blog goes from Christian to random letters to somewhat murky ground. It’s not too risque but I would love it to be. I’d love to not tip toe the edge but say exactly what I think but then you’ll be judged and probably piss a lot of people off (including my mom🙈). I like having a number of friends even though half of the time I dislike my friends and think they can be either geniuses, airheads or whiners. But I’m trying to love them through and not let my hormones get the better of me and tell my friends when they do dumb things. If I did that every time then they’d tell me when I do dumb things and I don’t need a third voice echoing my bad behaviours to me like a commentator at the dog races. Race of life, yes; I want to run after a rabbit, yes; commentate, no!

I’m waffling. I’m hormonal. I’m a young lady that’s not currently ladylike. I can be rude. I can be messy. But I’m honest usually, that I can say is a constant regardless of hormones.

Maybe I need ice cream? xx


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