Moving again

Moving for the third time in one’s life should be getting easier, now shouldn’t it? But no!

Certain countries are just stress and visas and documents and tight schedules and work then getting there to said interviews. I have been waiting for what seems like ever to start the fastest leave I will ever undertake in my life. Running for my life for terror is not int he plans and I think mentally I know what I would have to take with me but I never want to test out this mental list.

So yes, the first was moving to England as a child and this is my home country, then Spain which I fell in love with but didn’t have too much to do as the organization was very helpful, and now this time there’s more work on my end to do so it’s different.

I’m going far, and my fellow islander said to me today, “Wow, Caribbean girl going further than ever.” Something like that, but it’s true, it’s not something we (black people, black people for the Caribbean, girls) tend to do. You know, pick up and move to a destination with about 8 hours lead in the world. It’s not normal. I’m fine with not being the normal. Like, why isn’t this encouraged? Why aren’t more women doing this? (It’s not the safest of things for one but still…)

I’ve known about this since April, accepted it as I landed from Germany in September and by the time I get said documents for me to make it “legal” to be in the country, I’ll have under 1 week.

20140510_155635.jpgMy head is continuously spinning as I go over things to prepare, I know my body is stressing out and it’s hard to keep calm and carry on. I’ll do it though, then return and be like “sh+t that was easy!”. I’ll tell you all about where I’m off to next once I have my flight and have started packing. As this big packing will lead me to drinking or writing, either is therapeutic and works well for stress.


I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas (it’s about Christ, not presents). Have a healthy start to 2016, and set a few goals this year. I plan on writing them out this time!



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