I miss you

That phrase can mean or cover the true point of what’s been missed:
I miss your essence and need of want,
I miss the time spent thinking of you,
I miss the time spent worrying about you,
I miss visiting you weekly,
I miss the person I used to be when you were here,
I miss the love that was once there,
I miss my/your smile,
I miss who you were,
I miss the love & affection you showed that encourages me to keep on keepin’ on,
I miss the late night calls and early morning texts,
I miss the random, “let’s go eat” messages,
I miss the air of confidence around you,
I miss the pet names,
I miss being mad at you,
I miss your presence,
I miss you being here,
I miss your stories and laughs,
I miss the life in your years that you spent with me,
I really miss you.

I miss.


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