4 months as some kind of a vegan

Haha so I spent 4 months primarily without meat!
From September to December 2015 I had a real time with little to no meat and more of a piscatarian – so I ate eggs and fish. I can say I enjoyed cutting meat out and challenging myself as no one believed me in Spring when I said I would start to do it and had a few vegetarian meals in my diet. (It’s kind of sad that even my bestie doubted me 😢!) I guess it’s also how I presented the idea, I told people that I was “a part time vegetarian” and no one truly believed I could give up meat. In this world we start so many ideas and don’t carry it through, your ideas should expected to be met with raised eyebrows and disbelief.
I did it to be healthier and prove to myself that I could do it! I did it 👍
I guess the notable things were that: I lost some weight (wasn’t the goal), chose to eat healthier in every sense (more fruits and vegetables and less snacks which I didn’t eat much of anyway), my sense of smell increased incredibly and I felt good/better about myself. All of these I guess are good results to becoming a better me.
I think it’s a huge shift of wanting to do it and adapting your lifestyle to it. Mentally it takes some time to do, but if you’re dedicated it can be done. Some weeks I was stricter than others and my main craven was ribs. I would be with friends saying, I don’t like chicken I just want some ribs from bar estilo (my favourite restaurant located in the Mailbox, Birmingham).
I must say that if you’re planning to become a vegan, look at the supplements that can replace what you’re cutting out- in terms of proteins and fats. That helps take away the craving of specific meats. I chose not to go and buy supplements as I added various vegetables and sauces to help.
Lastly, be aware that you may not always feel full. It took me about a month to feel full from a vegetarian meal (no fish), but I learnt to recognise it and not overeat as it didn’t really help.
I hope you’re having a great 2016!

Sidenote: I have put meat back in my diet as when I move their version of vegetarian is different and due to my other dietary needs I don’t want to be overly picky and so have consciously started to prepare my body to once again cope with meat 😊 xx


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