Little Caribbean girl in a big world

China by far is the biggest place I’ve felt that is huge for me. America is fine. China? Big.

It’s been my first few days so I’ll just share random thoughts:

  1. Pork is everywhere
  2. Everyone sounds like they’re arguing
  3. Chinese (no offence right now, but you’ll be offended) sounds like a lazy slurring of words.
  4. VPN’s are life. Without it you are in a bubble.
  5. Regardless, you’re in a bubble as simple things like music is whatever you played and knew before leaving your home country.
  6. Chinese people that speak English will jump in and help translate when you really are looking to be stuck.
  7. Soya milk is big here and I’m pretty safe in that respect.
  8. Everyone you love is 8 hours behind and trying to have meaningful convos only work at the start of your day and the end of your day.
  9. You didn’t bring enough clothes because you needed more products so you then have to buy more clothes.
  10. Food is cheap, 20 RMB for a good plate which is full and about 10-15 for soup which is perfect since I’ve seen the lows of -8 C in my short time here.
  11. Keep your eyes open and memorise routes, smile and say hello or thank you especially to people you interact with often (nihao; xie xie).
  12. Learn food words, directions and greetings-this I will be doing during the Chinese New Year as well as laying in bed and resting for 10 days.
  13. It’s all different. Very different. Visit before you decide to move, it’s that different that I wished I visited first.
  14. You spend a lot of time with you (or with your friend/partner if you came with one which seems to be popular and helpful).
  15. Get used to you and God. I say that because without Him, you won’t have peace and blow things off your shoulder and keep trying. I’ve been so much more energetic and calmer being here, which is weird because I’m normally not full of 150% energy nor am I quiet and holding my tongue.
  16. Read, read, and read some more. Be prepared.
  17. You probably won’t cook much, even if you’re healthy like me. Things are cheap and you’ll only do it when you want your style or you really want to be healthy. I’m planning a stir fry next week!
  18. The toilets and hygiene scenario is…unexpected. Bring antibacterial gel and tissues!
  19. January can be colder than England. I’m suffering physically due to this never before feeling of winter!
  20. If you visit, I feel lik it’s an affordable holiday destination. For 400/500 return flights (BA), I think you’d need £700 comfortably for 10-14 days to see a few cities, some sights, eat, entertain and sleep. There’s only 3/4 things I plan on seeing in May/June, then I’m saving even more. In the future I’ll come back and see other things, I’m just here to grow, gain experience, challenge myself and save really!
Induction dinner

One thought on “Little Caribbean girl in a big world

  1. A wonderful read and insight into your day to day life! I can imagine how difficult it must be being 8 hours ahead of everyone. Stay strong! X

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