Shanghai, what’s good?!

I’ve been here for just over a week and I haven’t had a breakdown! I didn’t stop and cry at every hard point, I just breathed and figured a way around it. That is quite something, because recently I have worried about the entire move and have been ill quite a lot from stress prior to leaving England. In reality I had a lot to worry about with bad health to deal with.

The journey here was long but Emirates was comfortable. Stopped in Dubai int’l for 2 hours and the funny thing was the toilets. The water is hot in the toilet bowl so when you sit (I crouch),you feel the warmth and there’s a shower head inside the stall  that I assume you can use. Dubai seemed nice and I’ve been planning to visit for 2 years now, it seems likely this time since I’ve actually stopped there now.

My new place is great with Shima, Bing and Sooj! Great flatmates, very helpful and very insightful and willing to teach me. I chose well I think with this house 🙂

Below is a video that’ll make it easier than writing for me, haha! If there’s any questions, shout me and I’ll try and share more cohesively over the next few weeks after I write in my journal 🙂 xx


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