We all think differently and it’s good. It’s good that were individuals and have varying perspectives on life and every topic in this world.

I had an ‘argument’ with this man on being allowed to wear whatever I like (along the lines of the typical women dressing like victims convo), and through it all we were respectful. We heard each other and I loved that. We saw the world differently and learnt from each other that day. It had me thinking now after a ‘conversation’ with a woman about flying and theories (that’s as simple and broad as I can put it). The conversation shut down quickly when I shared my opinion and all I got was an ok I read the message. Why don’t we finish conversations and hash it out. At the end we can laugh and as true friends we know that a simple flight convo no matter how different won’t end our friendship.

In all our differences let’s add depth to ourselves; let’s read and educate ourselves (as I’m on my new book for the month); and let’s strengthen and evolve these friendships into relationships where we can really discuss life and growth.

It’s a typical feeling I get when I leave home and when I get back. I want to be around minds that think higher and differently because of our different walks of life. I know having being born in the Caribbean and spending 12 years in England about a year in Spain has shaped my thoughts differently to that of someone my age being born in England then moving to the Caribbean.


For example this is a picture taken at The Lotus in West yan’an, Shanghai. Some friends ordered this fried insect dish as they wanted to try something different, I did not partake of this at all but I still had a good time with them talking about insects and why you’d want to eat it. We didn’t just shut down because, “Eew that’s disgusting why would you eat things that fly and bite people?!”. No we actually talked and laughed about the idea- I DID NOT EAT THIS. Haha!

I like being different. I like that differences can unite with respect. That’s just my thought on the way to work on line 4 in Shanghai! 😊 xx


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