Probably the worst

I don’t write in the moment but I’m a lot calmer than I was 29 mins ago.

My day started beautifully- the word, the gospel, the Nike workout that nearly took me out, the funny convo with my flatmate, the good breakfast, the fun office talk, the funny convo with mom and the good feeling before class- even with some apprehension I felt great about today.

I teach 90 minute lessons. 2 children are spawns of Satan that really haven’t given me much hope for the class because they drag it down. They pushed up on me specifically today. In the second half I got hit and dropped shit and walked out. I calmly walked past the parents who knew full well I was just teaching their kids 10 mins ago. I made my way to the office and knew I was about to get teary when telling the Chinese teacher that that class is terrible and I never want to teach them again.
Long story short I was 500% frustrated and trying not to swear and be respectful which means I’m teary and breathing heavy. I looked a mess but my message was clear.
Not going to lie, I questioned everything about this job after, teaching young children EFL, etc.

I honestly miss the variation from a 3 yr old class to a 16 year old final year to adults that are motivated. Working solely with one group shows me that little children are not my portion. For this reason I miss Spain more as Europe offers a very varied teaching contract.

But after getting hit and calming down, I didn’t pack up and fly home. But those I told were surprised and could understand why days like today with an age group that’s fighting my tolerance for them makes me complain. I dislike complaining and have cut down on it drastically. China is an experience! I’m happy I did this much so I’ll keep on until I really can’t do the job and would end up on CNN news.

Lol, the world of EFL (English as a foreign language) xx


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