China notes

Just general notes on things I’m seeing. [The clothing is interesting. Lots of English language on them that adds to the creativity but sometimes bad grammar. This picture is from CNY!] 1- toilets. They are squat over a hole toilets. Some won’t have tp or hand soap. Some may also be cold and dirty with … More China notes

Shh, periods!

Did you know there are a few artists that use female period blood for their paintings? This is somewhat recent and I was shocked, check it on Google. Anyway, so periods. Once again. I will not post this on my “time”, let’s not be too weird. I forgot after over a decade of periods that you eat … More Shh, periods!


This is to do with English grammar. Don’t freak out. . . . A period, full stop, ends a statement. When I write a message with a full stop I’m finished with it. Friends who know me know, don’t keep pestering or asking when I’ve added my full stop. It’s done, it’s a complete thought. … More Period