Shh, periods!

Did you know there are a few artists that use female period blood for their paintings? This is somewhat recent and I was shocked, check it on Google.
Anyway, so periods. Once again.

I will not post this on my “time”, let’s not be too weird.

I forgot after over a decade of periods that you eat a wod load, my flatmate brought it to my attention when we picked some “supplies” up and I was like oh frig yeah. But I eat a lot all the time so that’s not helpful for me.

We’re moody and hormonal! My gosh have I cried that much more and have made that many more plans. I don’t even know if it’s want, I am that confused. Last time I hardly cried, came through like a Russian soldier with regards to every piece of shit that flew my way. Now, frig even a guy getting a girl has me emotional.

We’re sensitive. Both in the physical and mental sense. Touch me at all and I don’t like it, but touch me during this time unless you happen to be my partner in life it hurts and isn’t comforting.

Cramps rule your world. So I had to cancel a froyo date I had been looking forward to for 4 wks, girls with cramps shouldn’t eat, drink or be in the cold. It’s like asking the red guy on your shoulder to attack you. I was teaching (It’s my job so this is a usual thing), every 20 mins in 1 lesson I’d hold something and turn away and tighten my away bs and everything then turn back away bs round smiling and teaching. Teaching kids, they think it’s a game of sorts whereas adults either think your cray or they kind of know why. Haha.

I can’t think of another usual trait because I’ve cried for 3 days now and it’s not even been for legitimate reasons like someone ate my waffles! That better not happen else there will be war 🔫

Girls, if you want to share go ahead and if you’d like to add to common traits then go ahead!

I’ve even prayed about this uterus gut squeezing pain to just be a monthly message, “Woman you are beautiful, you’re not fat and you’re not pregnant”. Yano, that could be a great replacement for periods! 😂😂😂


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