China notes

Just general notes on things I’m seeing.

[The clothing is interesting. Lots of English language on them that adds to the creativity but sometimes bad grammar. This picture is from CNY!]

1- toilets. They are squat over a hole toilets. Some won’t have tp or hand soap. Some may also be cold and dirty with pee because it hasn’t been cleaned every hour like at home (UK).
2- spit. People will spit in metro stations, on the street, sidewalks and all. Men and women will hawk that bad boy up and release!
3- smiles and hello in both English and Chinese. This makes difficult situations feel easier and is also wonderful along your daily route.
4- being stared at. Firstly for being a foreigner then the stare period lengthens in time based on your personal features. E.g. height, weight, hair colour, eye wear, hair, race, etc.
5- soup. Thin soup is a thing and dumplings are good- get used to it!
6- western restaurants. Are pricy and almost feel like home. I only visit those once a week because Chinese restaurants and their little shops are pretty cool and tasty.
7- driving. I swear you can nearly die every day. There’s no enforcement of the red light as people will still try and turn left or right on your green lit zebra crossing. Similarly the scooters and electric bikes go up and down from pavement to road and they shout at you to move. It’s a chaotic mess that I’m used to as I’m always looking while crossing.
8- manners. I’ve found a lack of in general, especially with the older generation.
9- Consumerism. What you have is important. I’ve even found myself yearning more for material desires and wanting more money. I see nice things and understand this aspect and so I strive for it too. Which has given me a greater love for money, which isn’t good.
10- no sense of space or privacy. Often any interaction with 1 shopkeeper means all come and have a nosey until it’s over and I’m leaving. It’s highly irritating but still I smile.

Let’s leave it there for now!


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