The path of self discovery

This morning I was going through my usual social media checks (as a way to connect with people and not be obsessive and tied to it like I used to be), it hit me! I am starting to come out of a haze and see me. It felt like clouds were clearing over my mind of what I am (I know who’s I am), moreso what my characteristics are and properties of me that make me me!

You see so many things about: “have self love!”, “when you’re single use the time to find yourself!”, etc. I’ll keep it 100 I’ve not been in a relationship where I’ve said, “mom and dad this is my man”. So technically I should have great self love at 23. I don’t.

But today, I’m getting it. I’m recognising certain things about me that make me good, that need improving, and areas that are just going to stay that way this year because it gets me places at 23 but maybe not at 25. I’m loving it, from September last year I started spending a few hours a week with myself and it was fun. Now I spend time figuring out what I truly want and how to get it.

I’ve been reading more and just downloaded 10 more books (psychology, English grammar, classics, romance). I’ve been reading spiritual books as well to get a better understanding of that pane and I’m currently reading a book on God’s love (I have so many highlighted areas and it reads like an informative theology book). This book shows me differences in man’s love and in turn I can see why I’m starting to see more of me and how I can love God and man better!

Reading is the key.
Testing is important.
Listening to you (from time with God) is essential.
Pray daily.
Do good.
Smile more 😊 xx


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