Pointless crying over wasted time

I say this as I’m about to cry.


You know when you’re going to cry, you’re going to use up emotions and brain power and tissues? Male or female- however males tend to hold back.


Wasted time is something that can not be regained. The most valuable asset we have on Earth to grow, learn and experience within. This one thing we are cautious about-but I say don’t even bother being upset about wasting time! Every wasted moment, week, month and even years spent with someone, in somewhere, and/or doing something, teaches you many lessons. The key is being able to spot similar traits of the object, person or place and not fall into the same routine and mess with time of your life.


Everything comes from positive or negative and it depends on your perspective and which hat you’re wearing for that moment. Every experience you’ve gone through in a place, with a person or building an object will have both the good and bad feelings accompanying them. But what if it all is wasted? If you spent years married to that woman, or months investing into someone (mentor type of thing), or days dieting where you didn’t need to? What do you do about the x amount of time? You can’t do anything. You can only learn from it and make it better next time.


I’ve been quietly dating (shh) and to say I have wasted time is in some cases an understatement. I truly have but it’s been an interesting time learning about me, what I see in others and what I attract. I attract two extremes depending on which extreme I’m living in or seriously desiring to have. I know this and I spend time cultivating these relationships to see where it goes. I want to get married, it is something I desire so I have to put myself out there and keep on building me (finances, career progression, domestic duties, personal development, exercising for those activities you know what I’m saying – LOL -, bothering to learn about makeup, etc.). In some cases I know when to cut things off and in others, I (we) know when it will naturally die. I’m ok spending time talking and learning about a MAN (let’s be specific) as it will enhance me in different areas of my life. Imagine if I was getting that good wood, my life could be incredible …LOL, the key phrase was “imagine if” cuz I’m in China and this is not my cup of tea- cheque please!


I’ve wasted time in countries. I know I have. Usually I know because I end up feeling torn, crying and trying to not beat myself up. Every time I’ve ended up…how do I say: having my life, career and money pulled from under me! It’s brought me back to a place to reposition, refocus and to not feel THAT weak in a circumstance similar to that again.


I’ve wasted time playing Candy Crush- Notice I’m working my way through the definition of a noun and time wasted on these- my 2nd year of college went a bit of a shambles that Jan because I really didn’t focus and gave my attention to useless apps instead of reading and gaining knowledge in my subject or something useful for life! Now I spend allotted times of my daily commute reading or meditating, just so that I’m using that free time for personal growth and pleasure.


I actually didn’t let that tear drop from paragraph 1! Writing is good, this isn’t wasted time. I hope you use your time well and efficiently, but also remember to breathe and cut yourself some slack!




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