Mindset shift

No matter what situation you’re in, look at it from other perspectives. Turn negatives to positives, over ride what you feel after you’ve felt it. Don’t let that be a dark memory, find the lesson in it.

I’m doing somewhat of an experiment at work. Literally changing my mindset and expecting positive things to happen at work. I come with the expectation and come prepared for the foolishness that I endure. The weekends are usually the worst. It just has been every since I’ve been at my school. Last weekend I had to see it differently and not wait for the foolishness then get mad as if to say, “you see here’s that usual shit!” No I had to defend my sanity it as soon as it attacked me. I say sanity because it’s usually that deep of unnecessary that I question if I’m that stupid to see the answer or not make myself any clearer.

2 weeks later, I only had 2 bad days in 11 days. All I did was come in joyful and looking forward to teaching children, come in without my battle stance and enjoying the interaction. I also spoke to the Chinese teachers more. I don’t think I’ve personally eaten healthier and the weather has been nicer but not over the top. I’ve been more tired and less deep sleep which is frustrating but I tend to leave problems at the door.

I’ll continue to do this for a few more weeks even though it takes more of my mental process to stay on the right path. I’m getting results and it’s made being at work much better. Even though there are still bad classes and foolishness I won’t tolerate for much longer 😁

Have a lovely weekend while I teach the kiddies!


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