24 reasons why I need a boyfriend

Need or want, I’m not sure yet. But here goes the list:

  1. I’m almost 24 and want to show something of myself, like Yes I will settle down and have babies and love love forever.
  2. A doting bf would cook for me.
  3. I would be happily fed and nourished.
  4. When I need a hug, I’d have him there.
  5. When I travel, he’d be there to share all these wonderful experiences with.
  6. Two heads are better than one, and this one is tired of life alone.
  7. There would be a man around the house as such instead of relying on a male friend to help with house things.
  8. I would actually get out of my jeans and tee lifestyle as there’s someone who would appreciate me dressing up more often too!
  9. He would need to drive, so I can get the occasional lift somewhere.
  10. I could legit be broody and know my eggs could flourish with the right basket.
  11. When I have girl pain I could legitimately squeeze, rub and hit someone and they’d understand it’s just because my body hates me a few days a month.
  12. Deciding what to wear would be easier, like babe which do you prefer this black short piece or this black long number?
  13. I could put my love to good use.
  14. I could get some loving.
  15. I could give some frustrated loving.
  16. I’d actually be motivated to go to the gym and stay active because my joints would would thank me.
  17. I could plan life with this person.
  18. I could then later on get married and pop out the babies.
  19. I wouldn’t have to call dad so much, because there’d be my man there.
  20. I wouldn’t mind learning to share. I don’t like sharing popcorn but I guess that’s a starting place within a relationship.
  21. I could get the support I need from someone closer to me on a different level.
  22. I could be a blessing, because He who FINDETH a wife RECEIVES FAVOR from the LORD. Amen!
  23. I’d stop getting in trouble so much, because someone would hold me accountable and probably remind me to be a better adult. I stop listening to myself when I really want to drop the adult mask and go supersayan on that ass.
  24. Speaking of ass, I’d be comfortable with an ass slap from my love every now and again and not be ready to punch a stranger for unwanted attention in public.

And that my dear readers are the 24 best reasons why I need a bf, see it as my I wanna be your gf proposal to the right guy if you’d like! Lol, 12 minutes of writing because I’m deprived of hot chocolate since I’m too lazy to go and make it! xx


7 thoughts on “24 reasons why I need a boyfriend

  1. All I can say is…look at this list again when you are 34, got three kids who only want what they want, the husband just wants to sleep on the couch and the mortgage payment is overdue…….Good luck!

    1. Hahaha. Sure I’ll look at it again in 10 years. Hopefully he’ll keep making me hot chocolate so he’ll be a great hot chocolate maker and more then 😊

  2. I can very much related to #2 and #3. My boyfriend is the other half of this blog and he does all the cooking because he’s so great in the kitchen and I deeply appreciate that about him. I hope you find someone who makes you happy! 🙂

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