Red, white and pink

You ever been committed to the devil? Where sin felt right and you stopped fighting you?
Ever had a man know he was bad for you and apologise for letting you go so far?
So far to the point that he referred to himself as the devil and knew he shouldn’t have touched an angel?
He learnt that angels were too good and adding good to bad doesn’t make things better, it taints the good and spirals out of control.
What was once white mixed with ox red can’t stay white. Even a half hearted yet believable wash will keep the angel.
She doesn’t even belong to God anymore. That pink, “respectable” being is yours, she has no past home to return to. Yet you know you can’t have her and she knows she can’t reside with you.

Have you ever had your mind, set ablaze by a touch?
Where forbidden fruit was all you desired?
One bite, one occasion like Eve was all you meant to let happen.
But just like Eve you’re cast out and what you both put your hands to work on will die.

Pink peach

[True story to many. I just wanted to write a true story, not really a poem. -K]


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