A blacK man

I love black men. I love men in general *insert eggplant emoji*, I got issues haha *inserts cocktail emoji*- but there’s something about a black man that had me sitting in my sofa getting all fuzzy and proud about. This isn’t about a boyfriend, it’s just a quick thought that made me reassess my choice in men. … More A blacK man


As I was telling a few people that  I was leaving I remembered this lady who was moving with her children. And near when I’m returning she was preparing to leave for a while. So I decided to call her. The end result: Share with people, your story. It can help others and teach them lessons. If … More Leaving

Drinks in China

Drinking in China is interesting to say the least…   This is the only place I’ve ever heard of that has fake alcohol. You can see the bartender open what appears to bea  brand new legit branded bottle like Smirnoff and think you’ll be fine. But you won’t be. It’s not real and the hangover … More Drinks in China