Drinks in China

Drinking in China is interesting to say the least…


This is the only place I’ve ever heard of that has fake alcohol. You can see the bartender open what appears to bea  brand new legit branded bottle like Smirnoff and think you’ll be fine. But you won’t be. It’s not real and the hangover is crazy. Our western branded alcohol isn’t here, if you find it it’s in the secret bars (literally that’s a thing). Google it and see some of the stories that come up.

Anyway, what I’ve seen is that they make Chinese alcohol that’s from rice or something and I don’t like the taste of it but Chinese people drink it usually. Women here are modest and well behaved in general, so when I come home tipsy or drunk it’s somewhat like “Why?”. We’ve had conversations at home with my female flatmates about alcohol, and they’ve asked me why I drink. There is a reason, but that’s beside this post. It just amazed me that they really don’t evend drink alcohol to get tipsy, they have Chinese wine that’s not very strong and they would have 1 or 2 glasses and that’s it. I don’t even think they’d have wine like I would. But saying that I have Chinese and other Eastern Asian friends that don’t mind drinking a few beers but they know where the tipsy limit is and would conduct themselves in the highest respects at all times.

Even the drinking culture is interesting to learn about for westerners, Chinese locals and the gender differences and how,w hat and where we drink.

Yesterday I went for brunch and had some wine at freeflow. Int he West we don’t have this, which is good! At this specific fancy Spanish place overlooking The Bund, one glass of wine was 78Y versus freeflow (for 2 hours that turned into 3 hours) for 100Y. You can understand why I chose freeflow then wanted as much as reasonably possible, 4 or 5 glasses- 2 within 10 minutes of each other near the end that had me careful on the stairs (LOL). Freeflow is a great idea most times, even though I tend to not go out when everyone is in to drinking, because really I just want to eat and drinking for the “fun” isn’t very fun for me or because work is killing your soul slowly isn’t a good reason to keep drinking a few times a week especially when it’s fake alcohol!

So I’ve learnt to have a few wines, a few beers or a few ciders and be happy with each meal or gathering at a bar. The bar lifestyle is certainly fun in Shanghai!



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