Exit Interview

As I was telling a few people that  I was leaving I remembered this lady who was moving with her children. And near when I’m returning she was preparing to leave for a while. So I decided to call her.

The end result:

Share with people, your story. It can help others and teach them lessons.

If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Be honest with the right souls, test the spirit.

You’re an example when you share stories.

You can be a role model to young people. Like she was telling me her kids loved hearing about me moving and travelling and wanting to do that when they’re older.

Keep in contact with people, key people that are older and have wisdom in specific areas.

Your mistakes, share them, others can help you see how to improve and what else you should’ve learnt.

Leaving something doesn’t mean you’re uppy downy, you need to test things and see if that’s for you.

The Cayman Islands and tax free life is a serious thing we all need to consider.


Yes, I’m leaving soon. I’ll tell you about it all later! xx


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