That wanderlusting friend

Think about it, if you travel a lot for work and spend months at a time away, do you find that you’re quickly forgotten? When you come back, those who you may have held near to you are just nonchalant after you’ve settled back. No one cares as much when you travel often. Only family and your partner perhaps. They get over you being gone quickly and life keeps happening for them. You wanderlust, you sojourn, you’re not just a static person on the map- it’s cool 😊
The very people you hold dearly in your heart you learn to loosen up. It’s rightly so as well. It’s not that you love them any less, you just can’t expect them to miss you with the ferocity as you missed them. When you’re gone you are experiencing and changing due to the culture, climate, work and even time difference!
Upon return the most anyone expects is a gift and a few sentences on your trip. Even if you holiday frequently, no one cares that much about the great things you’ve just seen. If you haven’t posted it online they’re not bothered. If you have, maybe you have some short interaction about the content of the picture.
I’m grouping ‘they’ as friends and others in your life.

Travelling kind of toughens your skin. You get homesick and overcome, you go home and you become sick of home. You get bored of monotony. When I was home for third year it was death to the soul. I couldn’t wait to get back on a plane to Europe but I didn’t really do that very well because I came to China. China is where I learned that time difference shows you who cares and how resilient you are when noone is there for an ear because they’re asleep or at work.

Was China worth it? Most certainly. Would I do it again? No. Maybe as a newly wed to save money because EFL teachers are paid WELL there but that’s the only circumstance I can see.

The last dinner with my flatmates and a friend

I’ve definitely seen that travel brings about adaptability, culture changes, appreciation for culture and self, a longing of some sort, direction, reliability, independence, responsibility, self belief, a better sense of navigation, wider palettes, emotional strength and probably physical strength from suitcases and 6 grocery bags at a time and some other great qualities! I wouldn’t have traded my year abroad for anything. It gave me more than staying at home and going into HR. Even if just a detour for me to loosen up and come out of my rigid ways, I owe that year in Galicia to my tutors at Coventry University who wouldn’t allow me to start 3rd year late because Barcelona went bottoms up, (I missed a month of introductions but whatever). Thank you! Xx


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