Settling down- that adult thing

It’s weird wanting to create a life here in England when the culture within work and friends are different to what I experience (and prefer) abroad.

I desire to get my house, car along with THE one husband and kids. But to get the first two and bring something to the table for the third so we could support the fourth, I’ll need a job. I don’t like how people work here anymore. I don’t even like teaching in England as I’ve only done schools and not language centres because those in Brum see my CELTA grade as too average to be considered. I’m trying to plan what I want to do when I settle down in the next 2 years. I know it’s counselling but I need a decent job to bridge the gap as I study towards it.

I can work 20-25 hours a wk and get paid well for teaching abroad but converted here it’s not enough for a quarter of the things I can do with my money abroad. The thought of making less than a grand a month in England teaching English for 20 hours (if I could get that position) is sad for me as I know what I want to achieve and I know the fun lifestyle I’ll be missing out on when abroad.

The more you travel the more you grow and see things differently. My perspective has changed so much over the years. From 13/14 I planned to move to America, but in the past 2 years there’s been too many incidences with black people (#blacklivesmatter). Then I thought Spain, but realised I’m about that dark chocolate life even though I like people with another language or something that sets them apart. Now I’m not sure where I want to live but I know I want to make that Great British Pound Sterling and have a lovely home with a tall glass of what God serves to me and some little babies running about. Lol.

I’m 24 and thinking about settling down?! Who does that? But I need to plan; I need to bridge the gap between careers. I don’t want to live on job seekers, it’s not my portion.

Where do you guys live? Why did you move away from your home country, if you did? Does anyone have a friend hiring in the Cayman Islands? 😜



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