Social media break

I’m convinced my future husband keeps by passing me on flights.

Anyway. I did a few days no phone challenge. I wanted to not login to social media on my other devices. But because I wanted to take the time off for outstanding photography from camp and personal work, I actually needed to be on social media. It turned out to be 3 days of intense focus that started with prayer, went onto work and time with my brother. I was strict with social media and whatsapp, which is something that doesn’t happen but it felt great to not be attached to my phone and be a way for hours at at time.

I wanted to set a little challenge for myself as I saw this meme:



Everything gets better and feels easier when you leave the world for even half a day. I recommend it as I started reading some finance books I had been advised to get into!


Try and have a day or a weekend without your phone, no nothing for 24 hours. Let me know how you felt! xx


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