7 camps later

I’m sat chilling on my patio in my new apartment in Andalusia so I figured I’d finish this and end my camp chapter.

Here are 14 things that I’ve learned in the last 4 years at 7 camps (I almost did 3 camps this year dang):

  1. You can make life long friends and reconnect a few times a year. This feels right so there’s no pressure, you may promise to speak all the time even if you have a camp bestie (miss you Chlo) but we all get back to our busy lives. Atleast I do, and I’m an actively productive person. Literally thinking of 2 friends from Spain I still speak with every few months and I wish them nothing but success in their working lives.
  2. You learn how to bond with new cultures in a short space of team (-Alcazaba 2014!)
  3. A great summer camp team actually teaches you what a workforce team should look like.
  4. Fast money (England 2016)
  5. A great use of time; to practise new skills, gain new skills (Italy 2016), grow up, or entirely chill and do easy work.

    My Bell team at camp in the South of Italy. Hard work in the heat!
  6. When you’ve moved away from  this completely, you have a better idea of the type of work and environment you want to be in- down to the manager, cleanliness of workspaces, and even the  personalities you need next to you versus 3 floors down.
  7. When you want something to happen, you will find a way. Determination can be high in both a positive and negative way. Let me give you a short story, one of my camps had a move able kitchenette area in each apartment/room. One night we caught a pair behind there, they probably wanted a thrilling camp memory why they went behind their but they had no walk of shame as we sent them out. Kids!
  8. As an adult it teaches you to be imaginative and creative. Both mean 2 different things and after doing more than a 2 week camp around English, you pick up on this.
  9. Your mind expands. From spending time walking mountains at night, scaring off bears for the kids, watching shooting stars, talking about weed and natural medicines from the ground you will definitely meet an array of interesting people and will learn a lot. Even this year I learnt that south America, well parts of it, is definitely doable on say £1500 for atleast 6 weeks. I have a friend/crush/friends brother who’s moved out there too.
  10. Contacts and networking.
  11. Potential love and/or lovers.  That’s not happened to me but I’ve met friends who have had this happen to them.
  12. Language learning, depending on how far you go. To be honest if you’re going to the east only for a month I wouldn’t really bother that much as you’ll get caught up in your work. But after that, piggyback on a holiday and have friends or whoever fly out to meet you after.
  13. You learn a lot about yourself, especially your character flaws and personal strengths.
  14. Holidaying, travelling, working abroad all means something different after your first stint away. Hopefully yoi don’t get the crazy wanderlust bug that has plagued us all. But it’s worth doing 2 camps in your young adult life.

If you’re in Europe, I strongly suggest and will help you look for work in Europe next summer because when #BREXIT happens, it’ll make travelling and working abroad harder for British citizens. I’m not born English so I’m cool, but y’all need to quickly get in there for your first time (before 25 else really you’re having a crisis or taking a break at the wrong time). The pro of working abroad is it tends to be easier and less of a child safety thing, in terms of I had to think of everything that I could do that was safe with the kids when I was in England. I can’t even post some of the great pictures from there as I did photography at that camp and have great memories. So that can be a bummer, I can’t make anyone jealous of some of the awesome activities we planned and enjoyed. Whereas in a place like Spain you can shoot a kid with a water gun at night if they’re walking around outside of curfew, record and share it anywhere and not get in trouble. But don’t tell anyone I told you that 😜 (Spain 2015 our team were cray lol).

This year was to be my last but I may do 2/3 more camps next year as I really want to do my PGL camp and even get a hand on the well paid IB camps.

Have a great start to September! Xx


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