That wedding love

I guess it doesn’t matter, once you’re happy and love the person and they love you? Enough to respect you and your vows. It seems so beautiful, fun and warming to completely trust your spouse and even embarrass yourself with them. To have no inhibitions and fall with them. To live ‘forever’ with them, however long life in love lasts.

I had a drink at my friends wedding (when I started writing this post) and looked on as they shared their first dance as husband and wife. Two cultures joined in holy matrimony!

I love weddings and that’s because I love seeing love in its physical form. I love seeing the epitome of months or years come together and say that this bond is continous and continuing (forever). I pray the best for everyone I go and see get married, I never want your love to end. I hope in you and what you have, love that stems from God as without Him we would know no love.

Summer months tend to be wedding season and I’ve had four friends get married this August alone. My school friend who I call my granddaughter was super special to see. It was a big Asian wedding. If you know these ones, you know they go all out and the food is in abundance like a feast for dignitaries and royal family that’s visiting from overseas. Her best friend (my daughter, you know in school how you made families well it was like that), was with her the entire day and days leading up to it to ensure all the bits of the day were put together well. And my gosh was it a throw down, a shabang of awesomeness and timely food once again.

Luckily my friends who know me have graciously kept me around good family members to take care of me while I sit through their wedding. I hope to one day return the favour as having someone to call a ‘wedding friend’ makes sitting alone easier. Yet this is why I tend to go to one part of  a wedding, show support and not be uncomfortable too long as I dislike small talk even if it’s an awesome person. For you, how do you manage weddings on your own- if you do go to weddings on your own?

I feel like this month is the record for me, 4 in a month, that included 2 in one day and only 3 of the 4 I attended 😊😍👠 lol it’s been tiring but fun



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