About me being engaged this week

So every year there’s a cancer awareness message thing that floats around on Facebook statuses. I fell victim and was obliged to join in. Me being adventurous said to the person, “Lool let me think of a good married one…”. Since “i got married” was an option, I thought I’d be creative. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN 🙊:.

(The last paragraph was added in the morning)

My inboxes were hilarious for a few hours that night. 3 of my social media platforms had folk messaging me before even pressing ‘like’ on the status!

This taught me a few things:

  1. People may not see me as the marrying type.
  2. People don’t read my blogs else they’d know I date and love men (hi 5 to the black guys)
  3. Friends I don’t see often, genuinely hold happiness in their heart about an engagement etc. [August is also THE wedding month]
  4. Friends don’t recognise how important they are to me, which I need to change to let them know how much they mean to me (since I apparently haven’t been doing a good job). Realistically my closest would be the first to know when it does happen. Shit they’d be in on it with Mr. Tall dark n Handsome!
  5. What do you think that says about the group who’s not that close but I see often enough when I’m back? I’m not directing this point to specific individuals who did message me, it’s the body as a whole that saw and commented amongst themselves.

I mean I learnt a few things from this. Sad my Godmother saw it and commented publicly as I’m sure she was genuinely over the moon, until I had to send the cancer awareness message to her.

On the other hand, the top half of people I interact with to varying degrees, yall are just a mess (I’m thinking about half of those that I heard say something). Let me be direct, to those who are questioning if this shoe/paragraph fits: it’s saddening to think you don’t even see me being engaged as a reality and that I probably can not or could not find love.

This isn’t even to be bitter. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone cuz I still get to have fun and go on dates and learn more about myself, relationships and what it could be like in marriage 😊🍽 There’s a *Christian talk now* bunch of people dating in the dark outside of family’s consent and getting/receiving good wood on the low. There’s a lot of us who keep quiet about our personal lives and there’s a reason for it.

Hmm 🤔, this does sound bitter, doesn’t it? But I honestly had a good laugh for the first hour until I really thought about it and had to write another status, that hardly anyone read 😕:

In the morning my other friends who took part also had 50+ people blowing them up, and they followed the exact rules! In the end one of them sent money to charity and I shared cancer research statistics. Let’s bring awareness correctly 😊 and not do this again😥!



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