For the mamas and those concerned about me being over here

I was watching a cover to Drake’s One Dance a month ago and thought, “I haven’t talked about my school, right?”.

I actually enjoy it. It’s the happiest stress free job for me this year. As much as I’m a little bored during the day, teaching is fun again. I have between 6 and 16 year old students. I have days where it’s a calmer set and a livelier set. I genuinely want these kids to do well, so much so I fell behind with targets as I wanted them to understand and really use the language! I’m rectifying that now as it were only half of my levels.

Every class has personality. There’s my youngest aged class who are cute and love to make noise. They definitely make me want children! Then an elementary/pre-intermediate class who are now relaxed with me and ask me questions when stuck. Thankfully, they listen. I’ve noted that kids here are genuinely good and obedient. I have the next class up that sits and sniggers when I’m childish, but the silly beans only understand when I break it down like that. My Cambridge class give me the most joke! They’re always bringing out 1 liners from songs before their time and present in popular culture today. I end the week with them and they’re certainly a blast. They’re funny kids that understand jokes in English and are a positive group of teenage friends.

My colleagues are all chilled and there when needed. It’s 3 guys who’ve been there for years, then me the new female! The receptionist, is a fun woman. Any question or suggestion I need about Spain, food, life- she has it! I’m atleast younger than everyone by 4 to 20 years). But they make me feel included and comfortable in teacher skin.

The school itself is modern. Minus a waterfall ceiling that has persistently flooded my corridor for 2 weeks, the London themed walls are nice. My classroom is yellow and big so we can play games. It’s a neat set up with interactive white boards and a place to improve my skills. There’s a small library I’ve used to gather resources for older classes and all of my teaching books are new because they changed programmes for 2015/2016.

The city is quiet which is why I stay in bed til 1 to start at 4. I’m absolutely unproductive but I cook a lot. I haven’t  been so useless and quiet in 8 years. It’s a new thing for me to not be busy, I miss it in England a bit but I now understand that I will need a healthy work balance in future. I have little motivation to read and gain knowledge but I’ve started to get up and start reading or listening, especially for the 24 books in 2017 challenge I’m apart of! I think that’s the only downfall; I don’t do much so my introversion really lives. I’ve reacted negatively in some things which tells me I do need to be in a bigger circle or near things I like but I’m happy to be in a good post graduate job.

Ordered before 2pm for next day Spanish delivery from tasteofamerica

Whats your work-life balance like? Do you make time for you and your family or is the English busyness controlling you?

Home in 3 weeks! xx


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