262 days

I’ve spent 259 days of the 365 days abroad (and a further 28 days=287 away from my house/main residence). Well by the New Year it’ll be 262 days away as I’m going on holiday next week!

Roughly that’s 9 months away 😲. I won’t dwell on what was missed, but I’ll focus on what was gained. I must say living authentically for you is by far the greatest lesson of being away, as you’re carving a new life and new impressions where it’s easier to be and experiment (not with drugs though).

January- showed me that new beginnings can be rough in a completely new world. But you can manage it! the obstacles come to teach you how to fight and won.

February – brought me new friends and laughter. I’m grateful to Bing, Shimmer, Abena and Azzan more than anything as they brought life to me. Mary was the one who motivated any antics and 2k16 goals 😜

March- questioned my morals and character. Do I want money or happiness? I want them both. I think if ever life makes you question yourself and what you came to achieve you should listen to the question and figure out your answer.

April- I chose happiness and found myself turning bad days into great days. If people were coming with foolishness, I hit them with a smile and refused to have their negativity rub into my day.


May – made me go for more, hunger for more, think about professionalism and getting back after public falls.

June- taught me to love strangers and accept their love as wanting nothing but happiness for me. I love my Italian family and thank God for them in my life 😘

July – I was away from home and that showed me how much responsibility I liked, how good or bad I was with managing it and how unorganised I can afford to be. You can’t afford to be unorganised with adults and extremely late to meetings with a ‘why are we doing this now’ attitude.

September- choose what’s best for you. If life gives you a lemon, and you WANT to make lemonade then do it. If you don’t want lemonade then decline the fruit and go get what you want. DUH?

October- I have the best friends in the world. I relished in gratefulness and living for smiley faces! I fell in love with most of my classes, and loved friends around the world in a new way.

November- money management.

December- Jesus is all you can depend on.
Travel is worth it,  even if to learn how to cope independently and manage loneliness. It’s always worth it to jump on a plane and grab a new experience! 😀


2 thoughts on “262 days

  1. I had a peripatetic patch too for close to a decade and I absolutely enjoyed the experience but I’m starting to feel more at home here the last couple of years. I’m beginning to doubt I can spend 262 days out of the year travelling but on the other hand I’m not convinced I can ever settle in any one place permanently. Have a wonderful holiday and keep us posted 🙂

    1. I had to Google that, new word! I can see how people return and fall in love with home again.
      I don’t think people should ever permanently settle unless you’ve bought a house then that’s a commitment but if you haven’t nah. I’ll be looking forward to finding my adult community roots over the next few years and being happy to be home- place, concept, with people, etc.
      Happy New year to you too

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