Due to unforseen circumstances 

I always peek up at that point.

But, I’ll continue…

A Ship out of water
A ship out of water

I’ve enjoyed writing for myself and portraying the best self, and even sharing for the 15 year old who’s figuring out life. I am thankful for readers, comments and private messages over the years as writing has been fun. However I’ve been on autopilot, my posts post and I even am surprised as if to say “oh who’s writing and posting for me? Oh it’s me!”
I was going to delete my blog but there are gems here that encourage me. I’ve had a fair few months of setbacks and disappointment that it’s only right that I pause to quieten my mind and produce the best here. I’ll continue to write at MTS, as it’s a commitment and there’s no expectation of me to not post honest failures and poor decisions with a humorous tone. Sigh, I make this decision now as I’m sorting out blog revenue, it needs to be done though.

See you in a few and Happy 2017!



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