Darkness and light

I’ve been reading and writing and reflecting on what I’ve been reading and speaking to people about it all as they show themselves to me.

I’ll be back in March, I have ‘old thoughts’ as posts as they came to me, but I’m trying to learn more about ‘becoming’ and going for your dreams. I want to physically do that before I tell you to jump into that cookie cutter belief thing. I want to be the example of jumping and taking a leap of faith into my purpose. I’m on my way to 25 and making mistakes as well as forming a career and business.

Wait on it.

Thank you for rockinworld-fundg with me for 6 years or 2 weeks as I’ve seen the ‘new follow’ notifications, hello. I want to write quality content for you and have this pay me. I can’t have this baby as a constant hobby and not make something from it, multiple income streams mami/papi! Baby tryna get married and have a baby some day, so let’s start saving for these mini hmmkiki’s, hahahahaha. Before bae starts huffing and puffing, let’s just talk about vacation funds and look at this gorgeous glass I found on google.

On a serious and forward focus note…

The post title is John Legend’s latest album and I guess I’ve been sitting in darkness and reaching for the specks of light. I’m ripping at it to create more light from these dark walls I’ve found myself in. I’m not depressed, I’ve been in a state of beloved solitude and quiet time. It wasn’t sad, there was growth and understanding there.

I probably write differently to most bloggers you follow. If you know me, you can hear me as you read. If you don’t know me personally, I’m frank and talk straight. Can you hear that as you read? Let me know.

How have your goals and dreams turned out so far for 2017? Have you created a mantra to live by for the year? Are you living authentically and learning to be the best you? Are you reading for pleasure?

Talk to you soon, #ttlo (turn the lights on as Rico Love says) xx


2 thoughts on “Darkness and light

  1. Wish you great success with your project and your dreams. I hope you build it all on an activity where you have a unique talent. Who will be the customers of your business ? Hoping just for donations might be not enough to build your future on. And to have readers pay for on-line content is not so easy, as even the most quality print media (NYT, The NewYorker etc) see.
    Anyhow, good luck, Michael

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