If you don’t try, you won’t get

I recently went live on Facebook about this for 2 minutes, mainly to show off the warm weather and the view at the bottom of my street.
This is short and simple, if you don’t put yourself out there and try you will not get anything. If I didn’t try again after my first stint in Barcelona teaching I would not have found a program that enabled me to get a postgraduate before my undergraduate. … More If you don’t try, you won’t get

I’m not yours to touch, again, I am not yours to be touched

Thank you for women who share the stories unshamedly of cowardly men who doesn’t understand that a No means No.
This is not bed time reading and some links have powerful stories. But all in all we need to talk about men who keep touching us when we didn’t ask them to. Mix alcohol, a club, your pretty LBD and some men go ape as if they have no home training to ask before they touch or anything! … More I’m not yours to touch, again, I am not yours to be touched


I write this to those who are one of the few like them that travel freely or work abroad. I hope you recognise how awesome what you do is.

I’m a black woman. I work abroad and hardly see people like me: people who look like me. People who work in the same environment as I do. I was in China and to the majority of my students, I was the first person they saw like me; dark skin that didn’t wash off, versatile and ever changing hair; and English speaking. I moved to Spain and I think there’s one other black woman in my small town of 23,000 people. … More Representation