Half of my life with periods and here are 12 lessons

If you’re squeamish, near food, or eating I suggest you check back later. Go ahead, bookmark me!

This is the last day for Women’s history month and I needed to get this out. Here’s my take at a little biology and emotionality that women handle.

I’m 24 and started having periods at 12, the notion that I could have given birth at 12 is madness. I get that it’s normal in some cultures and brides can even be that young but I was never mentally prepared for that. Now I’m 24, I’m more ready for giving birth and being a bride. That is a hint, if you have never seen one before.

So 12 years and 12 lessons, woo here we go.

  1. We make mistakes. Accidents happen in the unlikeliest of times and sometimes a sneeze, cough, sit up or sudden push on the lower stomach causes a ‘basketball swoosh in the net’ effect. We have accidents, oh my gosh we do.
  2. We prove that we should be boss as we handle our business. I’ve been in instances where I’ve been at the front of a room typing up notes live on screen as a world renowned speaker told me to and I started as I started typing and could feel it drip through layer 1 (lace underwear) but could not leave my post! Obviously when I was done with my job, I jumped in the car, went home, cleaned up and drove back within 30 minutes (mind you I sped home because of time). Women can and will always fix a mess, clean up and step back in like it never happened.
  3. Blame. There’s a lot of blame shifting when a period is about to start. In hindsight, as I’ve just gone through another cycle, when we start blaming is the perfect time to not blame others and look within. It’s easy to become aggravated and show negative energy but it’s not fruitful (this would have been harder for me to write a few days ago, but I’m good now).
  4. Hidden bags within bags. A woman that can pack and travel lightly but be prepared for all occasions is one you need on your side. When I was on a women’s programme at 18, they taught us to always have a few bags in your car or handbag. One being a mini care kit that included fresh underwear, 5 or 10 pack wipes and 2 pads/tampons of varying liquid absorption. Useful stuff, if you don’t know, then message me and I can give you details on the course and the bag bits.
  5. It’s a gift to have this cycle. As annoying, messy and inconveniencing as it is, it reminds me that in the future I am likely to be able to (as God tarries) have children. Life can be produced by me, half of the world can do this but not all of that half can and if I can’t I’ll still root for the life that I can bring into this world. Via my ideas, businesses and supporting others through their ideas being birthed and even physical babies being birthed. Edit: look at these photos of life😍
  6. You can plan sex and potentially your best fertilised farming days. LOL. That was funny to write, around days 12 to 14 – where 1 to 6 are your on days.
  7. You can plan your down time, creativity time and balance out emotions. If you think this through properly you can be quite productive, as you have bursts of energy moving over from week 2.
  8. It reminds me that in other things, and with other people I can say “No”. It gave me a voice; I once heard a story of a friend in my mid teens who made out with this guy and she wasn’t really sure she wanted to go all the way. Long story short, her period started and he didn’t want any part of it and she left. Her period starting gave her the chance to not do something she wasn’t ready for but also a lesson (especially to me) that we can say “No” to men and to other people in our lives. My period comes in it’s own time when it comes, as irregular periods have been a staple in my life. I miss them or get two in a month, this is me and about 20% of women (these facts are hard to find). I can’t tell them to be on time but I can tell a man to SWERVE!
  9. Pain is pain. Women are strong. The pain.
  10. It busts myths. As after birth, periods don’t always let up now that you’ve produced a blessing for the Earth.
  11. White is tricky. I hardly wear white. Nah bro. I have been through enough white underwear that I can only foresee my wedding night attire being the only white underwear that will ever be purchased again, enjoyed and devoured.
  12. It means I’m phenomenal. As a woman, I am special. I run this world, well I help the “men” who think they’re leading run this world.


So that’s a quick roundup with a little push from a friend. Anything else you may have learned or experienced, as a woman?


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