Learning to love the journey

The final installation of catching flights and not feeelings, check part 2 and 3 here!

About the 6th to 3rd trip ago I started to despise the journey. I started to dislike every aspect of flying and arriving to a destination. When I landed and went through airport security was when I started to love it and that’s actually a waste of a trip.

The 2nd trip ago, I woke up at 0530 when my alarm blared and I smiled because it was like, “yup- let’s do it!” I got ready and left at 0620 and ran when I realised the time as I thought my bus was at 0630. I sat starting to get agitated thinking that I missed it, But I hadn’t. It wasn’t until 0645. But as I sat waiting, I thought of my trips and how I hated waking early to begin a minimum of 6 hours travel to a country from my house. I read something on singleness on enjoying that ride and thought about applying it to travel. It changed my attitude and I began to feel excitement for my trip.

A 4 hour bus ride I got excited over! Haha. I prayed and thought about my packed lunch I so proudly made this morning with fruits, a few cookies, sandwich and water bottle. I was pleased I completed my homely and teacher tasks the night before and left everything tidy for my flatmate. I was proud of my adult travelling life for that 20 minute bus wait!

Then the bus came and a lady stepped off saying, “Buenas Dias”. I was going to say it first but she beat me to it. Seeing her smile made me smile, smiles really are infectious especially in the fog and darkness of the early morning. I took out my bus ticket but the conductor smiled and said my name, I said yes in Spanish and sat down smiling. It’s the little beautiful things even though I expected the bigger more luxurious Alsa bus.

It’s ok to have stressed and travels with trips to the supermarket, another city or country. Things happen, mistakes are made but your happiness to that simple task or adventure is what should be cultivated.

What was the last journey you enjoyed?


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