Problems create solutions

Currently listening to Don Ruiz talk about the fifth agreement and out of the blue I had a mini epiphany.

Problems in life. We need there to be problems or difficulties so we can find solutions. We need to have a moment of frustration to find the answer to fix the issue. That answer fixes the issue (hopefully) and we solve the problem. We solve the problem and progress, onto a higher plane as such.

For example we have a problem with the printer and get frustrated, we’ve called the technical person but they’re arriving in a week. So we read a little and figure out how to fix it, or we just look into it for a few minutes and find a way to fix it. From our frustration we find a solution and fix the Printer!  This literally happened to me yesterday. There are also times when it goes wrong and we break it but we also learn what went wrong and what not to try in the future. We don’t ever give up on trying as even if we broke it or made it worse the next time it breaks we’re still going to look at it and give it some thought to then press some buttons. Perhaps we’ll stop or perhaps we’ll continue, it’s up to our level of confidence and understanding in the matter.

Now out of frustration or a lack of something, creativity pools together and ideas are birthed.

I strongly believe this, as only when there is a problem to fix do I find an answer and life gets better in some way (I’m on a higher plane). When we get bored our mind wanders and creativity sets in. Depending on what you tend to feed your mind with you’ll think in different ways, positively, constructively, destructive lyrics, negatively and others. I tend to be a happy person and when I’m bored I remember there are books to read and education to gain for my business. I need that boredom as a reminder to:

A) spark creativity and have fun running with my thoughts, and

B) produce something.

That’s why we say it’s good for kids to be bored so they can run wild and imagine. They can tap into their locked stores of schema and build things. Kids are the future as they have a different way of thinking. Nurture them please and support their ideas, even if you don’t know how to make it into something, find someone who can!

UPATE: I sat in Hyde Park and watched a bird jump from branch to branch as it couldn’t fly direct for some reason. It kept going until it got to it’s destination; it tried different areas and flight techniques. My point? Keep on trying and you’ll find the way around to your answer.


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