Sightseeing, the mosque and sweet red lips

I missed my bus to Granada as I figured I would, but I also missed my bus to Malaga where I planned out 4 activities for the weekend equating to €350 including food and hostel. I’m happy I didn’t go, slept in and saved. I ended up taking a trip to the old town and visiting the mosque that’s a cathedral jn Córdoba! 

I walked to the bus stop with my big hair, shades, red lips and plaid shirt when this man told his friend to look at ‘the girl coming’. Men are kind of crap at discretion. For some reason I turned my head and my hair hid me as I pretended to eagerly watch the traffic. I shouldn’t have turned away but my initial reaction was fear and another man judging me. In reality I should’ve taken off my shades, winked and posted 😘. I am that exotic mysterious Spice *in my confident Cardi B voice*

I had a long bus wait, long journey and then a nice stroll on the back streets and got some souvenirs before heading into the la mezquita. I stood in line and I was reminded by the lack of queue behaviour here. I had some grandmothers jump the queue and go ahead of me. They were grandparents so I respected them as much as I want those to respect my sole grandparent across the sea. As we stood in the sun and got closer she then asked if I was paying with cash and not showing an ID card, I don’t think she realised us young folk don’t get her old folk discounts.

The mosque itself is stunning and I knew I’d regret not buying a personal camera. My phone changed the lighting and my pro option on the S6 has its own mind.  What I saw and what’s captured are very different.

I wandered around in awe of the Arabic beauty and Christian relics with my red lips, brown skin and curly hair among other tourists of different tongues and races. It felt good. I got the courage to ask a woman, around 23, to take a pic of me as her friends were taking pics. You know when you know you should travel with others so you can get that perfect picture? I just thanked her and kept it moving.

It was after 5 and most dining restaurants, even the Michelin star I had my eye on was shut. So I headed into the centre to see if this bar lounge I really wanted to visit last time was serving.

Lo and behold they were! They spoke English and my reactions with the food had the other english party asking about a flamenquin tapa I had just eaten! Flamenquin is my new favourite cordoba dish, ham and ham wrapped in a breaded dough and fried with a plop of ketchup and mayo mixed together. Followed by a lamb over couscous soaked in a rich and sweet bean glazing sauce that forced me to bless the staff involuntarily. I just kept saying, “Thank you Jesus for this meal, God did you just taste that bite, thank you for that chefs skills…” 

Tapa, main and juice =€24. La siesta, Cordoba
After that it was time to quickly check some pj’s and underwear then get the last 8 o’clock bus, in which I got onto the wrong bus! 😅

Great day out in the sun though!

Do you do touristy things Alone?  Do you trust others with your Picture?  Are you a good photographer with any phone and minimal Lighting? If so, continue to take great pictures when you get solo travellers asking for you to document this memory! 


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