Ballet black

One day I invited people to go and watch a ballet piece. Low and behold with all our late busy times, there was 1 ticket left when I rang so I grabbed it.

Now I only told people about it because it was performers of Black and Asian origin and I want to support more ethnic and professional events.

I was definitely mesmerized in the Captured piece. As folk were being captured and the dancers spins were incredible. They sweat hard even as they spun, it flew. It was a sharp, edgy and contemporary piece with lots of pointe . They were spies that were being sneaky and trying to avoid being captured with vulnerabilities and hidden personalities.

Red riding hood, which is what I came for was fantastic.

The wolf was a true flirt and the lesser wolves were well coordinated. Red somewhat played with her sexuality as the cats the wolf seduced danced with her. Grandma definitely went for a spin and taken prisoner , btw she was a handsome grandmother 😘

Red then visited her grandmother as the story goes. This is when it got deep and the seduction the Wolf laid down actually led them to lay down. He then treated her like she was nothing as she had a nightmare of falling pregnant and losing it. He left her by the way side as cunning men do. Thankfully she found herself and I feel like that’s an important message to come back after a public or private tragedy. But also to follow some wisdom and not fall for strangers or men that you know something is iffy with as it’s forbidden. Be mindful with your temptations and choices as it could cause you to grow up quite quickly.

I loved the French music and expressions. Sadly one piece was missing as the lead in that one was hospitalised.

Ballet black is a 16 year old organisation and this was the second time they had ever pulled a piece. The organiser is well diverse around the Caribbean and Asian diaspora. The missing piece was definitely something that I would’ve liked as it was more classical and soft, but maybe you can catch them if they pop into your city. Watch the Red riding hood clip here.


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