A harrowing example of why you shouldn’t play with calendar dates

This will mostly apply for the ladies but men can take some lessons from this too.

I put off not doing some home lady care for a solid 10 days and when I actually did do it, it was too close to my wax date which was days before my holiday. Now one thing women like is a purely soft and sometimes empty canvas when they go on holiday (others don’t care and prefer the sexy wolf, which is for most of us in winter). Before I planned to go I kept on thinking that there wasn’t enough hair for them to pick up for the wax strip but it should be fine cuz it’s actually visible hairs when stood in a swimsuit. Any form of hair to me is visible, I’m either shaved to the gods or on the steady stream to being a bushwacker. As I lay there at 11am the woman said with a look of serious planning “it’s too short we may have to go over it a few times and it may bleed, next time let it grow out fully”. I thought I could handle it and I did, but she went over it 3-4 times and it still looked like only 3/4 of my hair was gone.

Now to paint the picture I wanted to be as naked as naked can be. As fresh as baby wipes are to touch. As supple as honey in my swimsuits across Morocco.

Example, a dotted not worth a second look Brazilian

I now have to use my Nair cream and bring my shaver so I can look like a B-list celebrity and not all the way A-list like a Beyonce or Kelly Rowland.

As I drove home heartbroken and fuming that I paid full price for something which really wasn’t completely done yet she tried hard and I’m red. I learnt a valuable lesson, I keep time and find time important but since not working I haven’t bothered with dates and easily move things to the next day. I feel as though I have all this time, I can rearrange with others when I just cant be bothered. I haven’t visited my friend’s family like I said I would 2 weeks ago and will now try to this week.

So don’t do what I do and put off things when you have the time and you could potentially affect another person’s work (my beautician that really tried).

Have a great week from a half Hollywood girl crying into her non glamourous swimsuit life for her 25th birthday holiday -_-hollywood-1246529_960_720.jpg


3 thoughts on “A harrowing example of why you shouldn’t play with calendar dates

  1. I would pass out if I had to get a Brazilian wax. I couldn’t go through that pain. I have used Nair before to shave my legs. It works alright. I hope you enjoy your birthday. Also, I emailed you back.

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