Ladies of couchsurfing: Kirah

I spoke with a cool fellow traveller about Couchsurfing and that led to me writing a piece for her. Check out the feature, share, say Hello and then have a nosey around her blog!

Kaaya the Outcast

Goodday wonderful world,

a few weeks ago I uploaded the first part of the ladies of couchsurfing series, were I talk about ladies I met or just wonderful ladies who make use of couchsurfing. I do this, because I see too few female couchsurfers/hosts,

hoping to both inspire you and encourage you to try it out.

Disclaimer: I’m not selling  you bullshit, Couchsurfing can be unsafe. BUT so everything. It’s how you handle certain situations, how you prepare yourself and most importantly whether you listen to your own guts.

Always listen to your own guts, when it’s reasonable. ANYWAY, I’ve been talking to Kirah and she’d like to be a lady of couchsurfing. Which made me the happiest person alive at that moment so read  her story and enjoy!

20170401_161313Your best experience on couchsurfing?

I met a really cool host in Granada, Spain when I wanted to do a last…

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