Confessions of a passionate writer: From the UK to the USA

I recently got into a Facebook group of phenomenal women and met this young lady in a conversation about supporting each other. It’s been fun being a part of the community and getting further into blogging, there’s so much more to learn to market this right. Anyway, Destiny is a college student of journalism out in the USA and writes daily here with topic discussions, posts on fashion and inspiration. Her piece that goes alongside this is right HERE, tell her Hello when you read it!

In the meantime, here ‘s my take on our topic,

  • Why am I a passionate writer? Why does Kirah write? What’s the desire behind it?

I got into this when I was about 16. I was a songwriter in school and loved the power of words. I used them to hurt people and eventually grew up and added salt and grace to my vocabulary so rarely misuse this gift. I specifically started blogging after my friend started and it was really touching, so I did the same topic as him based on Nicki Minaj’s Dear old Nicki. It was an authentic piece and the desire grew from there.

Writing turned into my space to run in to; a space to dance without movement; clarity for the crazy filled noticeboard in my head. I stopped journaling and online writing became my thing, not for private issues but things I felt strongly about like music, hair, food, people, hygiene, travel, love, and more. I would sit and write and not feel the time, it’s one thing that time does not affect. I only noticed this last year when I sat next to my mom watching TV and I wrote two posts late into the night until the movie finished. I thought I was done in half an hour but when I checked the time 2 hours had passed!

If people were to ask what’s my ultimate dream is, it’s to travel and write. For some reason the vision involves a yacht on the open seas and friends hopping on whenever they could as I wrote and discovered the world for everyone. That image has slyly led to me wanting to write about my travels in the last year and now I’m trying to do more of that and share about the trips I’ve been on. I want people to travel and see more of the world instead of buying a new phone or some useless outfit that will be out of fashion by the time Sunday church comes around. I hope my writing enables people to realise the ease in catching a plane and interacting with a new culture.

Besides travelling, writing just ignites my soul. When I can’t speak, I write. When I can’t move my mouth to pray my mind picks up a pen and writes it on a canvas for God to read. When I’m frustrated and angry or self-harming by bottling things up instead of facing things head on, I write. I have a form of social anxiety and running from situations is a thing I do but I purposely am attacking that struggle and just wrote a long Samsung memo to my love explaining how I’ve been feeling. The first thing he said was “wow, that’s a lot” and then “that’s well written though”.  I don’t mean to hold things in but I’m grateful for this writing avenue to get things out in the best way I can.

I don’t think I’d ever stop. Writing draws out authenticity in me that I didn’t really know was there, I don’t like lying and wearing a mask. Writing from my experiences keeps the glass from staining. I tell stories and drop knowledge that I would have liked to have had at hand when I was younger. If anything, I write for women, young women to go and do more. Be more. Be the best you can and make every step stronger than the last.

That’s why I write. I write for you, for others to learn from me and also try things that I’ve done. We only have one blessed life and God won’t knock before he comes so live this one to the fullest and respect your journey! x

Des: Confessions of a passionate write


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