Spanish identity revoked

This seems so frivolous now as I have now left but when I was in Spain for the second move I had to update my details. I went to the Andalucian government office in Cordoba and found out that my NIE (national identity you need for everything as a foreigner) was cancelled even though the number never goes. When I originally was in Barcelona they cancelled it after I left because the programme I was on acted like douches, I don’t have positive things to say for them but life goes on and them acting the way they did led me to travel more.

But it felt like the last 3 years of travel and working here meant nothing. I was an alien that could be taken away easily because I didn’t have that ID and it would now be restarted (mid September) as that’s when my contract started and my sponsor (previous boss) could legally set it up at.

I’ve enjoyed working in Spain and almost feel parts of me is Spanish, minus my mouth but it feels like home. I’ve lived in 4 countries and Spain played a big part to my development just as much as being in England has. I’d like to have those 3 years counted but I’m a new Spaniard again I guess, as of mid September 2016. LOL!

Have you ever been stripped away of parts of your identity, how did it make you feel?


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