Rocco 25: Atlas mountains

On our first day walking around we had a guy randomly offer his taxi services which we didn’t think much of until we realised that for a big group this is a good idea. From day 2 we had this professional stranger, Kadeem, with us and giving us good recommendations.

We chose his service for the Atlas mountains. On the way we chatted and I learnt that he speaks 5 languages, has 2 wives and other fun stories. The trip was 800dhm total for 7 of us return, which wasn’t bad (if you think of 11dhm as £1).

We stopped at a rug place which was fabulous but I couldn’t tell my mom that I wanted to pay £20 for a little bed rug when I live in her house. The owner told us that they take 2 months to make normally as a woman does the thread for em and no two are alike.

We then walked up the mountain and took our time with the guide, some bits are steeper than others and there are lots of shops along the way.

We didn’t know we had to pay for each level, 50dhm then 80dhm. Mind you I genuinely didn’t know, so after the walk and these gorgeous pics by the waterfalls me and the guide had words.


  1. Get the prices beforehand, stay ahead of the game.
  2. Speak with them and lower the prices but also stick to your guns, so we only paid 50dhm each.
  3. Everything can be haggled.

I was quite annoyed so we left and didn’t have lunch but stopped off at an argan oil shop. Hungry and deluded, mind you I hadn’t eaten since 9am and it was coming up to 5pm.

At the argan shop we got great info and haggled down the oils for us which was nice. Lovely lady and we left with her grinning hard. We probably still paid too much at £12/100ml approx. Later on in the week we heard of the womens cooperative and they were pretty good with their prices- located at top end of Medina.


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