Rocco 25: Days

Entitled days because I think planning or having an outline is good. You need a little structure with a big group and I previously made an itinerary available to all. The last day we fit in a garden and the medina (the real one).

We met nice staff members at our hotel who then gave good advice on things to do last. I really wanted the typical Moroccan pictures and to do a hamaam and massage and he was giving good local advice so we followed that. The Yves saint Laurent gardens were wonderful as just a few of us. As the medina ended up being dramatic, seeing as we met our guide briefly and he directed us a little but the police were quite on point and checked his credentials. The check meant he had to go to the station and we felt really bad but understood the safety and appreciated the police for keeping a group of black girls safe.


The medina was cool. It’s huge though! We were pulled up by the women’s cooperative that support women running from men and things of that nature. We weren’t too sure as couldn’t find them online afterwards but the information and prices were good so we got a few bits. The hamaam and massage places for tourists within were closed by the time that talk ended. But we met our hotel friends friends and had some tea at his family house which was nice then bought a few bits from his leather store (it was fabulously priced).

I was disappointed that I didn’t get the hamaam and massage as that’s what I heard about and really wanted to try since all I do is work and walk. I tried to not show it on my face when Mr hotel asked but I couldn’t hide it. Later when I spoke to him about him fasting I recognised just how generous he was and I wished I had gotten over my own feelings to not add to his annoyance with everything you deal with while fasting other than hunger, frustration and anger.


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