If I gave you £5 to read every post I wrote, would you read them? 




We don’t do enough of it as people. Did you read this hoping for me to explain how we would go about paying you to support me as a friend, fellow blogger, long term follower (over 1 year I mean)?

It’s a shame we don’t do things unless were financially motivated to do so. But I’m at the point where I want to make something financially from all this writing that a few friends have read and near 200 odd (over a year following) followers have read. I have 30 drafts sat waiting, since I didn’t publish for 10 weeks this year, there are over 250 posts on my site from varying topics, there is literally something for everyone except new mothers, actually there is, but maybe not grandparents 🤔✏

I scratch your back, you scratch mine. I am the shit. I’ll keep saying it until my actions match up and you believe it! Every post I’m sure is between 3 to 15 minutes of reading.


P.s. how many posts have i published? Times £5? You got that math, let me know in the comments below!

(Originally written March 2017).


8 thoughts on “If I gave you £5 to read every post I wrote, would you read them? 

  1. Hi Hmmkiki,
    Your idea to charge for viewing your posts requires some more points to consider.
    1. You enter a pretty competitive field here. “The New Yorker” offer a subscription model of 5$/month. NYT might be in a similar order. But both give any 5 articles per month free of charge for anybody. Huffington Post tries to gain income by placing commercial ads on their Web page. But in this case, the site might lose quality, get less readers, and the companies who place their adds will try to influence the content of the site.
    2. I you charge the readers for reading your posts, can we get a discount as soon as we write comments ?😉
    3. Assuming that you charge 5 $ per view, you could expect (based on the recent frequency of posts and the clicks) about 200 $ per month.
    But if you would take all your interesting observations from China or Spain, and publish them in a book or in a journal, you might reach many, many more readers and your writing efforts would be more profitable.

    Good luck, however you decide.

    1. I wouldn’t actually charge. And this was about friends supporting blogs (my friends & my blog specifically). Lightly talking about paying my readers to read the content. It’s really not a serious post about subscribing to my blog. A future book is a thing that will happen though, don’t you worry!

      1. Parts of my comment above were supposed to be ironical, of course. I also consider blogs primarily as an excellent forum for exchanging ideas with people on a global scale. As soon as one tries to capitalize on this (by placing adds or charging money) , blogs lose their unique and authentic quality. Then one can usually see that the blog owners more and more change towards mainstream content, aiming to increase the number of clicks. This is partly the reason for the inflation of low quality blogs which only cover fashion, food, travel, and cat photos.
        Hope that you keep your high quality but still manage to somehow profit from your writing effort.

  2. I agree! In 2017, it’s hard to find people that are interested in reading our content and have a legit genuine interest in what we publish. Just stay true to you, support as best you can and things WILL improve. You’re right, you are the shit! ☺️

  3. Yes i work but this was more about people supporting people. Especially since we have real life friends that won’t even read a few minutes of an article we/I/you may write.
    I’ll look into more webinars but ones I’ve been on are kinda airy fairy or a monetary investment in their programme is needed.

  4. Are you in work currently? I’d say if you are and are unhappy with it then definitely look to blogging to secure your financial needs. Do something that makes you happy. If it’s just for a new passion I’d look if there are any local wordpress communties or webinars that can help you monetise from it. At some point I would like to do the same with my blog but the focus needs to be on my story so I can’t think of the end goal as money related.

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