The abuse in one week

Just want to lightly talk about a bit of a farcical from the week.

1. The annoying ass customer.

Never be that bad customer that’s rude and doesn’t respect privacy. I work in a sensitive area let’s say and deal with customers purely. I had someone get to close, be rude, loud and look like he would have tried to back me up. Now as it happened I imagined how the fight would’ve gone, the distance my wig would’ve flown and the frustration I would’ve gotten out. But also the end of my job and a big news scandal.

Verbal abuse isn’t acceptable. On any human interaction. Chill.

My point: don’t be a dickhead customer if the staff are actually helpful or actually are busy with someone else.

2. Abusive relationships.

We often hear about women being abused by men. But when it’s the other way around we actually chuckle in disbelief. Had a customer tell us about their sibling going through a difficult bit of abuse and manipulation. I was genuinely shocked. If it were my sibling, I’m kicking her ass.

We are not about to be abusive in any relationship.

We are not about to accept that.

And we are not tolerating any form of abuse.

Not today hunny, please repeat the above 3 lines and sort yourselves out! Tuh 😌💅💄

If you need help, please speak to a trusted friend and find the nearest centre or hotline to assist with your case.


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